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ITEM NO.:  WMK08120G

Permanent Self Adhesive Vinyl Information

Specification Description
PVC Type Calendered monomeric soft PVC film
Thickness 80±10um
Color Code white
Shrinkage ≦0.8%
Surface Tension ≧30dn/cm
Opacity >70%
Adhesive Type Clear solvent based permanent pressure sensitive glue
Weight(g/㎡) 18±4
Adhesion Temperature 15℃~40℃

Peeling Force

≧7N/25mm(FYI FTM1)
Initial Tack ≧4N/25MM*25MM


Holding Power ≧1440min(FYI FTM8)
Liner Type Kraft paper
Color white
Weight 120g±5g/㎡
Release Force 0.05~0.2N/25MM
Storage Period 12 months under ordinary condition at temperature of 22℃ and relative humidity of 50-55%
Application Outdoor digital and silk screen printing media for signage display, vehicle graphics, airport and subway graphics application.
Compatibility of printers and ink Media is suitable for all solvent and eco solvent digital printers with heating system including Phaeton,Infiniti, Mimaki , Roland, Vutek and HP Scitex.

Inks should be the original ink from the printer manufacturers. The best printing temperature is 35-40℃.

Standard Dimensions

◆0.914 m x 50 m

    ◆1.07 m x 50 m
    ◆1.27 m x 50 m
    ◆1.37 m x 50 m
    ◆1.52 m x 50 m



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