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The Dview Vinyl (Double Sided View Vinyl) is a nifty revolutionary digital printing medium applicable to all kinds of glass panels. It is perfect for high profile ad-campaigns, promotions, vehicles, decors/office interior design, or UV and lighting protection.

The traditional method of printing upon a transparent glass panel is merely a shadow of what our product can accomplish. Not only was it costly and unwieldy, blurry and unfocused (not to mentioned the loss of itsy bitsy details that are so very critical to a successful campaign), the image was lost from the inside, severely limiting its applicability (ie. you wouldn’t want to put it on the windows of a coffee shop because it will block out the view and ruin the lighting).

The other alternative to achieve a similar effect was the transparent PVC film. Although this method allows for a marginal increase in resolution and lighting, the image itself looks dull and crinkly, losing all its vibrancy and essentially belittling its impact towards consumers.

Not only do our dView Vinyl resolve all the above issues, it does them better than ever before.

Two Way Vision are Premium calendered perforated film with removable adhesive. The perforated window film is the ideal choice for medium to long-term exterior applications on shop fronts and retail outlets where images are displayed on the outside, yet visibility is required from inside. The premium O.W.V Series can be printed on all platfroms including UV, solvent, eco-solvent and latex. Ideally, your final perforated film print should be overlaminated with Super Clear PET lamination for print protection, improved durability and longevity.

Goods description:

1 Item code:WM-DVC/WM-DVF/WM-DVL

2 PVC film thickness: 120 micron/140micron

3 Adhesive: 20g±2g permium removeable clear acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive

4 Release paper weight: 140 gsm/150gsm white paper

5 Roll size: 0.914/1.07/1.27/1.37/1.52*50m



1 Two sides visual communication

2 Excellent ink absorption propert

3 Suitable for solvent and eco-solvent based printing, and UV, Latex printing

4 Outdoor durability: 24 months

5 Storage period: 12 months

Recommended application:

1 window glass wrapping

2 commercial sign

Face film Premium Perforated vinyl
Adhesive Removable (clear)
Liner 140gsm/150gsm PE-coated
Applications Luxury goods window signage/ commercial store windows/ interior/ exterior glass surface
Printing eco-solvent/solvent/UV/Latex


Dview Vinyl(Double view vinyl or Two Way Vision Vinyl). We have three pattern for you to choose.

1、Circle Pattern

2、Line Pattern

3、Fabric Pattern

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