Shanghai APPPEXPO 2018

Shanghai APPPEXPO 2018

The 26th Shanghai international Ad & Sign Technology &Equipment Exhibition

March 28th to 31st, 2018

National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai)



Shanghai Modern International Exhibition Co.,Ltd.

China Sign Association of Equipment Suppliers

Shanghai Gray Exhibition Co.,Ltd.

Shanghai Advertising Association


Oversea Co-organizer

Shanghai China International Exhibition of Japan Affairs Bureau



APPPEXPO – the biggest International Advertising & Sign fest in the world, will take place at National Exhibition & Convention Center (Shanghai) from March 28th to 31st, 2018. At that time, there will be over 180,000 visitors from more than 100 countries and around 2,000 exhibitors from over 30 countries.


The exhibits profile include: Digital printing equipment & Supplies, Digital textile printing, Media, Substrates & Inks, Engraving Machines, Signs and Digital Signage, Exhibition Displays, LED Products, corrugated box and color box wrapping, etc.


The Intersection of Advertising and New Technology

Driven by digital technology, the traditional equipment products are crossing each other between the new media and field and having weaved a boundless network. These cross points are different kinds of new products, applications and programs. By touching them, you can accurately grasp the future development trend of this industry.


Always focusing on this, APPPEXPO is exploring the best solutions through the communication with many industry professionals. APPPEXPO looks forward to working with you to explore the “intersection of advertising and new technology”, the integration of display advertising products and new technologies as well as finding out how to expand the new boundaries of advertising in the future.


The large data resources of this exhibition will promote the unite forces of new technologies applying in the global advertising and sign industry to form the sharing of global technology equipment, industrial resources and user’s purchasing power to create a one-stop sourcing platform in global industry chain; bring new international opportunities and challenges for global exhibitors, together with buyers and users from both China and abroad.


APPPEXPO: Doer of “One Belt One Road”


The new strategy of “one belt one road” has brought the APPPEXPO more vigorous developing vitalities. With the expanding of its international influence, APPPEXPO has attracted more overseas first-class buyers and sellers to actively participate in. Now it has already become a platform for top Chinese and foreign enterprises to first release their new technologies and equipments each year, which has enhanced the quality and grade of exhibiting products, broadened the product sales channels and brought complete advertising printing products continually to the global market.


In 2018, APPPEXPO will continue to follow the development strategy of “one belt one road” to introduce world manufacturing and bring Chinese manufacturing to the world. With building a community of common destiny, it will maximize the benefits and win-win cooperation.


AAA: Asian Advertising Association

Since 2015, the APPPEXPO has begun to lead the establishment of AAA (Asian Advertising Association), which by now has 16 advertising and printing Association members from major Asian countries and regions and gain a great international influence. With the advantages of AAA, APPPEXPO is leading the Chinese advertising, signage and printing companies to actively go into the world market with huge steps, take the initiative to open up overseas markets and participate in the international competition.


Other cooperation countries and regions:

In addition to the AAA member countries and regions, APPPEXPO also cooperates with world exhibitions and media from dozens of countries, which has influences covering six continents. The number of overseas buyers has been growing for eight consecutive years, especially the past three years. Till 2017, its overseas visitors have exceeded 35,000.


China: label 5 cities Shanghai, Beijing, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenyang.

AAA: label 16 member countries and district

East Asia: Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan

Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam.

South Asia: India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Western Asia: United Arab Emirates, Dubai, Turkey

Central Asia: Kazakhstan

Other cooperative countries and regions:

Asia: Philippines

Europe: Britain, France, Germany, Spain, Poland, Italy, Russia

Africa: Kenya, South Africa, Tanzania

Oceania: Australia

North America: Mexico, the United States, Canada

South America: Argentina, Brazil, Columbia


Review @ APPPEXPO 2017 Shanghai Canton Fair

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  2. Overseas distribution
  3. Audience business nature analysis
  4. Interesting product analysis


Digital Textile Printing


The new digital textile printing technology combines cutting-edge digital techniques with traditional inkjet technology, representing a milestone for the textile printing industry. Compared with traditional printing and dyeing techniques, this has faster production time and lower energy consumption, with no pollution, leading to better textile printing results, and more flexible production.

The successful application of digital textile printing technology has created unprecedented opportunities for traditional inkjet printing companies to collaborate with the textile printing industry.


Digital Packaging


Packaging and printing industry is closely related to and serve the main industry, which will not separate from the light industry, electronics and other manufacturing industry, nor miss the valuable opportunities brought about by main industry development. Global packaging and printing market has great business opportunities and commercial potential, which will increase by an average annual growth rate of 5.2%. And it is expected to reach the output value of 286 billion US dollars by 2020, among which the corrugated container takes the largest proportion. The printing and packaging market growing faster in emerging regions, while the growth rate is relatively smaller. The Asia-Pacific region has successfully combined both the scale and speed of market growth.

Digital printing is changing the tactics and creative methods of printing and packaging designs. Printing and packaging design have been formed the brand effect, meanwhile, the digital packaging revolution has already occurred.


Digital Signage


Digital signage provides a set of interfaces that display a range of content for public or private areas such as stores, hotels, restaurants, and office buildings. Digital signage can present commercial, financial and economic information and entertainment on large display screens and interact with audiences.

With the help of digital signage, companies can streamline the customer communication process and create opportunities to improve customer relations. Customers can use it to clearly describe their own needs, for a better shopping experience.


Digital Display


As a specific commercial application of digital sensing technology, digital display combines virtual reality, augmented reality and artificial intelligence technology. Specifically, digital display products include holographic projection, interactive multimedia, electronic sand tables, augmented reality, virtual reality, motion sensing interaction, ring screen systems, building projection, water screen movies, dome screen systems, electronic page turning, digital interaction, and 3D display.

Compared with the traditional display model of “Product + Display Board”, digital display has unparalleled advantages, offering a more realistic experience through virtual reality and an extended real-world environment with augmented reality.


Exhibits Profile @ APPPEXPO 2018


Hall 1: Engraving Machines

Engraving Machines | Laser Engraving Machines | CNC Engraving System | Tools and Fittings | Sign Production Equipment | Vacuum Forming Machines | Acrylic Equipment | Cutting Machines | Cutting Plotters | Bending Machines | Polishing Machines etc.

The APPPEXPO will showcase the world’s most complete collection of laser engraving machines, digitally-controlled engraving machines, and cutting machines, all with high added value.


Hall 2: Digital Printing Equipment & Supplies

Outdoor and Indoor Digital Printing Equipment | Digital Imaging Equipment | UV Inkjet Printing Machines for Scroll Production | Cold Laminating Machines | Feeder Machines | Hot Laminating Machines etc.

The APPPEXPO will bring together digital printing brands from all over China, showcasing the great progress and excellent performance achieved by nationally manufactured products.


Hall 3: International Brands

Outdoor and Indoor Digital Printing Equipment | Digital Imaging Equipment | UV Inkjet Printing Machines | Inks | Printing Inks | Acrylic Plates etc.

The APPPEXPO will showcase global advertising and sign brands, particularly the most well-known digital printing brands.


Hall 4.1 : Media, Substrates & Inks

Flex Banner Fabrics | Glue Products | Reflective Materials | Photographic Paper and Outdoor and Indoor Digital Printing Consumables | Inks | Printing Inks | Acrylic Plates | PVC Foam Boards | Aluminum Composite Panels etc.

The APPPEXPO will present an infinite number and variety of global brands specializing in media, substrates and inks.


Hall 5.1: Signs and Digital Signage

Signs | Signage Products | Tri-vision and Multi-vision Billboards | New Media | Digital Signage | LCD Advertising Machines | 3D Products | Light boxes | Luminous Products | LED Display Screens | LED/LCD TVs etc.

The APPPEXPO 2017 will focus on both traditional and digital signage while showing the advanced “Touch and Response” technology of digital signage.


Hall 6.1: Exhibition Displays

Exhibition Equipment | Portable Exhibition Equipment | Display Stands and Other POP Products | Commercial Decoration Materials | Shelves and Product Display Cabinets | Equipment for Sales Promotion | Holographic Projections | Interactive Multimedia | Augmented Reality | Virtual Reality | 3D Displays etc.

The APPPEXPO 2017 will help exhibiting companies to promote their products, develop innovative approaches to sales promotion, attract more customers and boost customer purchases.


North Hall: Digital Textile Printing

Digital Inkjet Textile Printing Equipment | UV Inkjet Textile Printing Equipment | Digital Inkjet Textile Printing System | Direct-injected Textile Printing Inks | Textile Printing Products etc.

Digital textile printing technology will lead to changes in the design and production of printed fabrics, creating printed patterns to better satisfy customer needs.


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